3D vision navigation startup acquired by Swiss industrial automation company

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Swiss industrial automation giant ABB has acquired Sevensense, a startup specializing in 3D vision navigation technology for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

The deal, finalised in January 2024, strengthens ABB’s position in the fast-growing AMR market, expected to reach $9.5 billion by 2026. Sevensense’s technology uses cameras and artificial intelligence to create 3D maps and navigate autonomously in dynamic environments.

Previously, mobile robots required manual guidance to map their surroundings. Sevensense’s Visual SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology streamlines this process, reducing setup time and enabling AMRs to operate alongside people in complex environments.

ABB plans to integrate Sevensense’s technology into its existing AMR portfolio, offering improved speed, accuracy, and payload capacity. This technology has already attracted interest from major players like Ford and Michelin for use in production and logistics.

“The acquisition positions ABB as a leader in next-generation AMRs,” said Marc Segura, President of ABB’s Robotics Division. “This technology has the potential to redefine the limits of AI-enabled robotics, leading to greater efficiency and flexibility across various industries.”

Sevensense’s roughly 35 employees will remain at their Zurich headquarters and continue developing their 3D vision platform under the Sevensense brand. The technology will also be available for applications beyond AMRs, including material handling and service robots.